Brant Township

Brant Township was named after Mohawk war chief Joseph Brant.

Brant Township Places

  • Cargill – on the boundary of Brant and Greenock Townships.
  • Dunkeld –  a post office and hamlet on the 4th concession in the west of the township. The first postmaster, in 1856, was Hugh Bell.
  • Eden Grove – a post office and hamlet on the west boundary of the township. The post office was established in 1875.
  • Ellengowan – a hamlet in the northwest corner of the township. Its post office opened in 1858, and its first postmaster was John Hopper.
  • Elmwood – a village on the boundary of Bruce and Grey Counties. Its post office opened in 1864, and its first postmaster was John Dirstein.
  • Maple Hill – a hamlet east of Walkerton. Its first postmaster, in 1866, was R. B. Clements.
  • Malcolm – a hamlet on the 10th and 11th concessions. Its post office opened in 1869, and its first postmaster, Daniel Sullivan, held that post until 1905.
  • Scone – a hamlet and early post office.
  • Walkerton –  Its first settler was Joseph Walker, who arrived in 1850. Its post office, originally called ‘Brant’, was established in 1852. In 1865 Walkerton became the County Town for Bruce County.

Brant Township Notable People

Peter Bartleman, who settled near Maple Hill in the 1850s, was well-known for his mechanical skills and as a craftsman. He built a set of bagpipes and many pieces of furniture for his family. He was best known for the clock tower he built on his barn. He named it Haddington Tower, after his Scottish birthplace. The clock tower faced the Durham road between Walkerton and Hanover, and could be seen for two miles.

Robert Sutherland, born about 1834 in the West Indies, was the first Ontario lawyer of African ancestry. He was a barrister and attorney in Walkerton. He died in Toronto in 1878.

Robert Sutherland’s advertisement in the County of Bruce 1867 Directory


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