Bruce County Genealogical Society’s January 2021 Webinar 

You likely already know John Kaminski from his presentation earlier this year regarding tracing Eastern European roots.  He has given the AGEN20 (Adele’s Genealogy 2020) bug to his wife and has increased his researching knowledge by helping   Adele trace her French Canadian heritage.  Using at least 6 online sources, they have been able to trace Adele’s maternal lineage through documentation back to the early 1700’s, almost all exclusively born in Nouvelle France. 

John and Adele have not pursued much farther back than her 7th great grandparents, but know there are a few Acadian and French links, including Filles du Roi, convicted salt smugglers and military personalities

It has been a wild ride through Canadian history not taught in the classrooms!

Date and Time: Monday, January 10, 2021 at 7PM ET


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Bruce County Genealogical Society’s December Webinar

To encourage, bring together and assist those interested in the pursuit of family history and to preserve our Ontario genealogical heritage.”

Janice is a proud 8th-generation Canadian, with English, German, Irish, Welsh and First Nations ancestry. She is going to tell you a few stories about what she has learned over the last year plus and make a few suggestions for how she thinks all of us in the genealogy community can do a better job of embracing diversity and inclusion and why it’s a great idea.

Janice is a professional genealogist based in Toronto. Her expertise includes Upper Canadian history, Ontario criminal justice records, turning bare bones genealogies into shareable family stories, and using genealogy gifts and games to create a legacy.

Date and Time: Monday, December 6, 2021 at 7PM ET


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November 2021 Webinar

These Poppies Really Rock
With Jan Briggs-McGowan and Deb Sturdevant

Poppy Rocks

2021 is the 100th Anniversary of the Poppy as a symbol of Remembrance in Canada, and Jan made it her personal project to paint a poppy rock to place on the grave of every veteran buried in the two main cemeteries in Walkerton.
Join us as she talks about using local newspaper clippings, on line
sources and reaching out to the community to find those who served
our county and our Allies. Jan also adds her techniques to paint
500 poppies on rocks, plus what happened next.
Joining her will be Deb Sturdevant, Archivist at Bruce County
Museum and Cultural Centre to talk about Bruce Remembers.
Date and Time: Monday, November 8, 2021 at 7PM EDT

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