Kinloss Township

Kinloss Township was named after Lord Elgin, who was also Baron Bruce, of Kinloss.

Kinloss Township Places

Grey Ox Corner plaque
  • Grey Ox Corner – on the 4th concession.
  • Holyrood – a hamlet on the 8th concession.
  • Kinlough – on the 12th concession, it had a post office from 1863 until 1915. Simon Corrigan was the first postmaster.
  • Kinloss – a hamlet and post office in the north end of the township. The first postmaster was Thomas Hodgins, appointed in 1854.
  • Langside – an early post office and hamlet on the 4th concession. Thomas Ross was its first postmaster, from 1857 until his death in 1862.
  • Lucknow – a village at the south end of the township and county, bordering Huron County.
South Kinloss Presbyterian Church, near Lucknow

Kinloss Township Notable People

John Hutchison Garnier was a naturalist, physician and author. The Canadian Medical Association Journal published an article about him in 1933.

James Somerville was a Lucknow businessman and Member of Parliament.


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