Bruce Township

Bruce Township was named after James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin, Governor General of Canada.

Bruce Township Places

  • Eskdale – see Kincardine Township.
  • Glammis – see Greenock Township.
  • Gresham – an early post office near the centre of the township. The first postmaster was Edward J. Brown in 1861, and the post office closed in 1915 when rural mail delivery began.
  • Inverhuron –  a hamlet and post office on the Lake Huron shore. Its first postmaster, in 1854, was William Gunn, who also operated a general store.
  • Lovat – see Greenock Township.
  • North Bruce – see Saugeen Township.
  • Queen Hill – see Saugeen Township.
  • Tiverton – see Kincardine Township.
  • Underwood – a hamlet and post office in the centre of the township. The township hall was located here.
  • Willow Creek – an early post office near the centre of the township. The first postmaster, George Patterson, was appointed in 1874.

Bruce Township Notable People

William Hunter was a farmer and poet who lived on the 5th concession, near Underwood.

Donald MacGillivray, born on the 12th concession, became a Presbyterian missionary and scholar.

Alexander Patterson Mewhinney was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.


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