About Us

bcgs_logo_colourThe Bruce County Genealogical Society was founded on March 20, 1989 as a non-profit, unaffiliated organization for ancestry and family history in Bruce County, Ontario. We are proud of the many varied resources now available through our efforts.

Members and friends enjoy genealogy, meeting to network and to assist others with research. The desire is to promote education as well as to encourage high standards and accuracy.

A novice or an expert will find information about the county and far away places in our superb library of books, maps and artefacts. The publishing group is dedicated to finding and printing rare documents and research aids. Others transcribe facts from repositories and cemeteries; these records too are then published. Our newsletter, Bruce Bulletin, contains shorter articles and features helpful guides for members. The website specialty is queries, local news and history, but links can take you throughout the county or around the world, genealogically speaking that is.

Speakers, programs, workshops and courses illustrate basic tools for genealogy. You’ll learn what you can expect to find, where to look for the records you need, how to research them, how to interpret and prove your data, plus how to organize your information. You’ll discover what works for others searching the same places.

If you are lucky, you’ll meet a distant cousin looking for your branch of the family!

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