November 2020 Meeting

Bruce County Genealogical Society

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on Monday November 9th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time

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Sooner or later we will be released from the pandemic’s social isolation, and once again we’ll be free to gather with extended family loved ones. Now’s a good time to begin planning for…


This Webinar will offer ideas and tips about how to think about, plan, communicate about, and organize family reunions – adaptable to various group sizes, age compositions, and interests of the family group involved. The presenters will be happy to respond to questions and ideas posed by other participants.

Erin McCann Netzke has very recently retired from her career as a Medical Lab Technologist at our South Bruce Grey Health Centre; she understands and feels at ease using computers and digital communication programs and loves the challenges and discoveries of genealogy. In 2019, Erin volunteered to join Damien and three additional cousins (another Canadian, another American, and one living near Belfast in Northern Ireland) in organizing a wide-based international Gathering of cousins in Mullaghbawn. She proved herself indispensable to the effort – being both imaginative and proficient in setting up and managing the online registration system and a circulating group email communication and information site for the more than 70 people travelling from Canada, the U.S., Australia and the U.K. to the McCANN 2020 GATHERING  in Mullaghbawn –  a weekend event originally set for early April, but now postponed by the Covid pandemic.  

Damien McCann is an American who lives on the West Coast, not far from Seattle. He is a retired Clinical Psychologist whose great-grandparents (in his McCann line) emigrated from County Armagh to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the mid-1880s. He made his first trip to Ireland in 1987, and 10 additional trips since. Collaborating with two McCann brothers in Ireland beginning in 2011, they have assembled a family tree that now contains more than 3,200 verified descendants of their oldest known ancestor (Damien’s 4great/Erin’s 5great-grandfather, who was born in 1720 and died in 1817).  

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September 2020 Meeting

Bruce County Genealogical Society Invites you to: Life on the farm


Your ancestor’s place in Ontario agriculture

              A Webinar

We often think of farming as a traditional occupation—something that hasn’t really changed much. But that is not and was never the case. Farmers had to react and adapt to changing conditions like climate, technology, economics, new markets and new competitors. Some farmers did more than adapt. They set out to be the most productive by innovating with new techniques and processes, products, and marketing. Farm journals and business records survive in many archives. Farmers may have had help and encouragement along the way from agricultural associations, community groups, government agencies, or private patrons. Digitization of many of the records of these pro-agriculture organizations has made them a viable source to help us understand the changes that were happening around our farming ancestors—and whether they were leading the way or following the pack.

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Date: Webinar on Monday, September 14, 2020

Time: 7pm Eastern Standard Time

Speaker: Jane E. MacNamara, Toronto, is the author of Inheritance in Ontario: Wills and other Records for Family Historians (OGS/Dundurn) and writes about genealogy at A long time member of OGS, Jane lectures about research methodology, Ontario, and English family history to genealogical and historical groups throughout southern Ontario.

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